In this new era of “do it yourself” viral marketing, After Midnight Project has charted a course for success through an uncertain digital landscape. With all the social networking loopholes it’s become next to impossible to discern which bands have a legitimate following and which are just tech savvy. The proof is always in the live show, and for AMP this show at Key Club on June 26 marked a celebratory homecoming on the road to what looks to be a bright future.

The club was packed with eager young kids. And when the curtain rose, the band wasted no time jumping into fan favorite “Digital Crush.”

Amidst a backdrop of white strobes and fog, charismatic frontman Jason Evigan seized the mic and the immediate attention of the crowd with his aggressive yet passionate vocals. It’s always inspiring to watch a band kick off a set where the audience knows every word by heart and is every bit as excited to be there as the band is to perform.

After Midnight Project kept their momentum as they played through the emotionally raw lines of “The Becoming,” while the crowd echoed back the angst-filled chorus shouting, “You’ll be my last mistake… What have I become?

Thoroughly impressed by their fans’ dedication, Evigan paused to give thanks: “We’ve seen some crazy crowds across the country, and I always say, you gotta see our crowd in L.A.” Thankfully for the AMP boys their hometown crowd did not disappoint, as the band also happened to be filming their first live DVD.

Midway through their set, all the energies in the room seemed to come together. As the band plowed their way through the aggressive yet melodic harmonies of “Backlit Medley,” the crowd pogoed and shook the club to the rafters. “I don’t care if you have a broken leg, I want you to jump!” exclaimed Evigan as he led the finale to the song, savagely beating out the final measures on his own floor tom.

The rest of the show was no less entertaining as Evigan showed off his multi-instrumental talents. At one point dawning an electro acoustic guitar for the falsetto heavy, Muse-esque sound of “The Criminal” and later clearing the stage for a short piano ballad.

The audience was thrilled with the cleverly thought out showcase. This kind of showmanship giving yet another nod to the fact that AMP is on the rise and beginning to take their stage show a bit more seriously.

The band wrapped their set with “Take Me Home,” the first single off their long awaited major label debut. It was a song that the fans knew well and a song that felt so very appropriate for a band that has put so much work into building a following.

After Midnight Project’s major label debut album, Let’s Build Something To Break, is set for release August 11, 2009, on Universal Motown. The band is currently on Warped Tour.


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