It’s October, which means the countdown to Halloween is officially on. In celebration of the most “spirited” day of the year, The Comedy Store is hosting a Haunted Midnights tour and show Wednesday nights beginning October 10-24.

Guests are invited to join the legendary venue for a rare peek into the dark side behind the laughter at this famed building that is known as one of the most haunted buildings in Los Angeles. The Comedy Store has played home to murderous mobsters, lost souls and restless spirits for nearly a century. Going back to the days when 8433 Sunset Boulevard was Hollywood hot spot Ciro’s, many an unfortunate soul has gone to his untimely death here and then never gone anywhere else.

Profiled on numerous paranormal television shows, including “Unsolved Mysteries,” paranormal investigators from International Society for Paranormal Research identified numerous spirits in residence at The Comedy Store in 1999 and “cleared” all but two (though the Store's employees and comedians might argue there’s more than that still hanging around).

Your host Skitzo will present stories and videos about the ghostly residents while a magician will amaze and entertain you. The night finishes with a midnight tour through all the most haunted spots in the Store, so you can experience the spooky spirits yourself.

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