When you think of “ladies’ night,” chances are that the Viper Room is not the first place that pops into your head, which is why you can rest assured that their version of the female-friendly promotional hook is sure to have a bit more attitude than your usual pink cosmo affair. Tonight’s “Ladies’ Night In Hades” features two of The Sunset Strip’s favorite bands – Lady Sinatra and Volcano Dolls – as well as twists on the traditional drink specials and, of course, free entrance for bad girls.

As the Viper turns the tables on ladies’ night by adding some much needed edge, we decided to do the same with our interviewees, allowing Joseph Holiday of Lady Sinatra and Jessica Goodwin of Volcano Dolls to go head-to-head, interviewing each other and asking some hard hitting yet completely entertaining questions.


Holiday: What is the story behind the band name? Is it at all sexual?

Goodwin: “Chelsea and I booked our first show before we had a band name.  While sitting at a restaurant with a group of girls, we collectively came up with the idea Doll Face, in light of my knuckle tattoos. I wasn’t completely sold on the name, so later that night I had the idea that we should do a cover of the song ‘Volcano Girls’ by Veruca Salt.  My next thought was Volcano Girls would be an awesome band name since we are an all-female band! Long story short, we ended up meshing the two ideas together to form Volcano Dolls. And no, unfortunately there is nothing sexual behind the name.”


Holiday: You guys are a duo; a dynamic duo I might add. Do you find any limitations being only a two piece?

Goodwin: “Why thank you! There are pros and cons about only being a two piece. In some ways I find it more difficult in the way that I have to concentrate more on putting on a ‘performance’ since there are only two of us to look at on stage. Also, I won’t lie that it does suck hauling equipment everywhere with just the two of us, but that’s why I make sure to eat my spinach! On the flip side, it works out well in the way that we only have to coordinate with two people’s schedules for shows and rehearsals. Also, dealing with less personality and opinion in a band is much easier!  I say that from personal experience. God knows that we musicians have our egos!”


Holiday: Let’s say you had to be trapped in an elevator for four hours with either Lady Gaga or Lindsay Lohan, and there was no means to take your own life. Who would you choose, and why?

Goodwin: “I would definitely rather be trapped in an elevator with Lindsay! I’m not going to lie…I have always found something hot about that mess of a women. In saying that, I would probably spend the four hours making awkward sexual comments towards her.”


Holiday: What would you rather be doing right now instead of answering these totally amazing questions?

Goodwin: “I would rather be on stage sweating and drumming my ass off!”



[Interview part two. Goodwin takes the mic.]

Goodwin: What can we expect to see/experience at a Lady Sinatra show, and does it ever involve blood?

Holiday: “Guitars, noise, whiskey, hair, dudes, sweat, sweaty dudes, farm animals, jaws     dropping to the floor, more guitars, salvation, midgets, flannel, earplugs, cross dressers     and very recently a beard. Oh and blood, yes! Ours and yours. We will mix it together and smear the word ‘Chutzpah’ on the floor.”


Goodwin: You originally began your music career as a drummer.  How did it come about that you became a singer in a kick-ass rock band?

Holiday: “Every singer in every band I have ever been in has turned out to be a whiny self-centered head case, so I decided that I would just do it myself. This band is no different, by the way.”

Goodwin: What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

Holiday: “We were touring on the East Coast and played a show in New Jersey, where I grew up, and my mom was there. During the last song my pants split right down the zipper…and I don’t wear any undergarments. Thank goodness someone noticed and motioned towards my problem area — which I can assure you never happens otherwise. I ran off stage to the van, grabbed a T-shirt from our merch and wore it like a loincloth.”


Goodwin: If you had never become a musician, what profession do you think you would be in instead?

Holiday: “If it could be anywhere throughout time, I think it would be a filmmaker in 1930s Weimar era Berlin. If not, probably a dentist.”


“Ladies Night in Hades” takes over the Viper Thursday, Nov. 11. Revolution Kill Pill and Diana Gone Wrong are also on the bill. Entrance is free for bad girls and $10 for the rest. Drink specials include $4 PBRs for the boys and $5 vodka drinks for the ladies. www.viperroom.com

Jennifer Godwin photo courtesy Genie Sanchez, TotallyLikeDuh.com.
Joseph Holiday photo courtesy Christy Borgman, LAWomanPhotography.com.