California artist Snyder was among those who contributed to a large art guitar sculpture celebrating street art in Los Angeles. The guitar, which will be auctioned for charity this fall, was a collaboration by more than 15 well-known artists, including Alec Monopoly, Free Humanity, Smog City, Bankrupt Slut, DeeKay, Bod Bod, 2wenty, Snyder, Gregory Siff, KH no. 7, Smear, Desire Obtain Cherish, CYRCLE. & DD$, Leba, and Homo Riot.

All artists are part of the "What Graffiti is to New York–Street Art is to Los Angeles” exhibit curated by prominent art blog Melrose & Fairfax at the Maximillian Gallery at Sunset Marquis. The guitar is on display as part of the exhibit through June 31. After the exhibit, the guitar will be moved to a public location on The Sunset Strip.

Snyder has developed a unique artistic aesthetic that is directly influenced by Jackson Pollock’s drip technique, Banksy’s stencils, Van Gogh’s palette and texture, Cezanne’s meticulous attention to composition and Warhol’s iconography.

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