As the weather gets warmer, the days longer and the music louder, you know festival season is upon us. Music festivals, whether they last a day, a weekend or even an evening can make or break not only bands but fans and music lovers alike as well.

I recently met up with avid concertgoer – and familiar Sunset Strip face — Trina Green (aka @dharma69 of High Voltage Magazine, The Owl Magazine and at Rock & Reilly’s to discuss the most successful survival techniques for eager fans in a live music setting.
Although Trina got into the music scene late in life, make no mistake about it, it now fuels every fire inside her. She often plans family trips across the country around her favorite bands’ tour schedules, truly killing two birds with one stone, gathering no moss and rocking in the free world! Her first concert was New Edition at Madison Square Garden and she loves the atmosphere and sense of community found at Sunset Strip venues The Roxy and the Viper Room.

But not every show is ideal, though, with loads of sweaty strangers, blaring bass, over-priced beverages and third degree sunburns some live music settings can be unbearable to think of. Trina has come up a survival kit of 11 everyday items to help you survive and thrive in any live music, concert or festival setting.
1. A bottle of water to stay hydrated and make it through to the end.
2. A camera to capture your favorite rock stars shreddin the stage in front of you!
3. Ear plugs for obvious reasons…sometimes it’s just too loud and hearing preservation is a good thing!
4. Breath mints for those times you need to talk in a louder decibel to the person next to you.
5. A protein bar to keep your energy and blood sugar up. Partying till you pass out is not fun.
6. Deodorant…you shouldn’t smell worse than the band.
7. Hand sanitizer because you don’t know where that rockstar has been.
8. Condoms because you don’t know where that rockstar has been!
9. A phone charger. Friends don’t let friends’ phones die.
10. A sweater, you don’t always have to bring one from home. Buying your favorite bands merch can work also.
11. Invest in a comfy pair of shoes. Lets face it, studded heels are rad but not exactly ideal for standing, dancing and head banging all day and night.

Put Trina’s survival tips into action this August during the Sunset Strip Music Festival!

–Genie Sanchez, @totallylikeduh