The Dead Weather Impress A-Listers And Clubgoers At The Roxy

It was a last minute announcement, the way these sort of special club gigs tend to be, when less than a week out word came that Jack White’s latest and least well-known project The Dead Weather would be making their L.A. debut at The Roxy Theatre on June 17. It takes a rare event like this for dozens of Sunset Strip club goers to wake up early on a Saturday morning and wait in line at The Roxy’s box office for tickets to go on sale.

For those who missed the initial announcement or perhaps just decided to sleep in, tickets for the show were in high demand on sites such as Craigslist and Ebay. And this is a band that has yet to even put out a record.

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The Foreign Exchange Brings A Feel-Good Review To The Roxy

I first heard of The Foreign Exchange from Garth Trinidad’s show on KCRW. He was playing a track from a Mushroom Jazz CD called “Nic’s Groove.” I was drawn to the groovy blend of hip-hop, R&B, with a touch of house, and wanted to hear more. So I picked up not one but two copies of their debut album Connected — the original CD and the equally impressive instrumental-only version — and became a fan.
These discs and the band’s recent follow-up, Leave It All Behind, deftly blend so many sounds that I had no idea what their live show would look or feel like.
Led by North Carolina rapper Phonte with groundbreaking production from Dutch trip-hop producer Nicolay – the duo made Connected swapping vocals and beats over the Internet — this is a band that simply doesn’t draw between the lines.

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The Sunset Strip Launches Summertime Consumer Relief Offers

The notorious Sunset Strip, which stretches 1.3 miles through the heart of West Hollywood, is launching its own version of an ‘economic stimulus package’ to consumers with special offers throughout the summer.
"The recession is impacting people in our communities, so we’re offering special events and discounts so they can still enjoy The Strip this summer even on a budget," explains Todd Steadman, executive director of the Sunset Strip Business Association.
 With consumer spending making up more than two-thirds of U.S. gross domestic product, The Sunset Strip is offering special incentives in hopes of helping to contribute to the nation’s economic rebound. Businesses on The Strip also hope that the consumer relief offers will cut local residents a break as Los Angeles County increases sales tax to 9.75% starting July 1.

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