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Faces Of Gibson GuitarTown: Stacey Wells

Featured in celebrity art galleries across the nation, Canada-based artist Stacey Wells has built her own celebrity following one brush stroke at a time, combining her two favorite subjects on canvas: rock stars and fine wine. Despite residing thousands of miles away, Wells has been a consistent presence on The Sunset Strip for the past few years, making frequent pilgrimages to capture portraits of many of the local bands for her “Reflections of The Strip” series.  


It was this passion for music, art and all things Sunset Strip that brought Wells to the attention of the Gibson GuitarTown project, which chose her to design the “Welcome To My Nightmare” Alice Cooper inspired guitar sculpture as part of the public art installation.




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Faces Of Gibson GuitarTown: Danny Curnen

Anyone who’s ventured by The Roxy Theatre in the past few years has probably stopped to admire the eye-catching artwork that adorns the venue’s poster boxes. Danny Curnen (a.k.a. Danny Excess) is the artist behind most of The Roxy’s now signature aesthetic show posters, and he is now branching out into the sculptural medium with his own ten-foot tall ZZ Top-inspired Gibson GuitarTown art guitar, which will soon be installed on the fabled boulevard where he lives and works.  


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Trina Green’s Festival Survival Guide!

As the weather gets warmer, the days longer and the music louder, you know festival season is upon us. Music festivals, whether they last a day, a weekend or even an evening can make or break not only bands but fans and music lovers alike as well.

I recently met up with avid concertgoer – and familiar Sunset Strip face — Trina Green (aka @dharma69 of High Voltage Magazine, The Owl Magazine and at Rock & Reilly’s to discuss the most successful survival techniques for eager fans in a live music setting.

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Faces Of The Sunset Strip: Brent X Mendoza

The Sunset Strip has always attracted people who are passionate about music – from musicians and club promoters to writers and super fans. Brent X Mendoza is one of those people whose passion for music has translated into a career that includes working as a promoter, band manager and more recently Viper Room marketing director and contributing writer for

Preparing to celebrate his upcoming milestone birthday with a benefit show at the Viper Room this Friday, “Mr. Sunset Strip” reveals what he’s learned from this legendary boulevard, who he would pick to headline this year’s Sunset Strip Music Festival and which up-and-coming artist you should have on your “must hear” list. 

Get to know more about the O.C. native and the man behind those weekly “Picks of the Week.”

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Faces of The Sunset Strip: “Queen of The Strip” Dayle Gloria

Veteran Hollywood booker Dayle Gloria has given “first shows” to some of the most important bands of the last two decades. The in-house talent buyer for Johnny Depp’s Viper Room in the early formative years, Gloria is back with partner-in-crime/fellow booker Tom Hoppa to reclaim the room and bring the talent level up to a standard worthy of the Viper’s worldwide name. 

Catch up with the notoriously outspoken, self-proclaimed “Queen of The Sunset Strip” as she discusses her storied early days, biggest shows, cucumber contests, her formula for success and the new bands you should have on your radar.

So you first moved to L.A. in…?


And when did you start booking?

July of 1986 was the first show I ever booked. 

Who played for you?

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Frontman Mo Ruckus Shares The Secrets Behind Bar Patron Etiquette, Band Performances and Gunpowder

Tonight, local up-and-comers Gunpowder Secrets will share the stage with the Viper Room’s current band in residence, Boy Hits Car. Fronted by in-house drink slinger Mo Ruckus, Gunpowder Secrets has been drawing huge crowds since their introduction to The Sunset Strip. 

Before channeling your weekend warrior and hitting the Viper for their show, get a crash course on band performance and bar etiquette from The Strip’s newest favorite bartender/musician/philosopher, Mo Ruckus.  

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Faces Of The Sunset Strip: Virginia Mae

Who’s that girl in the window!? No doubt many Sunset Strip commuters have pondered this question while driving past the newest suggestive window display at Hustler Hollywood. The gorgeous redhead in question, model Virginia Mae, has recently received tons of exposure with her image plastered on the storefront window and billboards all over town. Picking her brain on Valentine’s Day, redhead-dom, and her new found fame, The Sunset Strip dream weaver shared her thoughts on all things romance. 
Valentine’s Day: Romantic holiday celebrating love and affection, or consumerist ploy created by the greeting card industry?
Much like Christmas or Easter, the holiday has become more and more diluted with consumerism. However, I have no problem with this, because who doesn’t like chocolate and presents?

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Key Club Booker Takes Innovative Approach To Music Networking, Promotions Game

Filling a venue as spacious as the Key Club is no easy feat. Doing it night after night, well that’s a job that even seasoned bookers would shy away from. So the fact that the venue’s national talent buyer, David Gordoni, has any time for side projects is a genuine tribute to his networking skills and industry experience.
Graduating from the University of Southern California’s music industry program in 2002, Gordoni began his journey in the music business working as an assistant at a major talent agency. Looking for a way to network in his new found community, Gordoni thought of an innovative strategy to build relationships by compiling and centralizing all the pertinent info on upcoming concerts in the L.A. area.

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Faces Of The Sunset Strip: Sean Healy

Love him or hate him, when your band needs that last-minute show, or your club is strapped to book Christmas Eve, Sean Healy Presents (SHP) is most likely your first phone call. SHP hosts regular events at every major Los Angeles venue, including nights at most of the clubs on The Sunset Strip. A classic Hollywood success story, Sean Healy built his empire from scratch, carving a niche that eventually made him one of the biggest independent promoters in the country. Get to know the man behind the curtain…

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Faces Of The Sunset Strip: Mark Mahoney, Shamrock Social Club

As far as tattoo artists go, there are not a lot of household names. However, over the past 30 years, Mark Mahoney, owner of Shamrock Social Club, has built a reputation as one of the best artists not only in L.A., but the world. Without the aid of any pandering reality show, Mahoney is revered by clients and peers for his old school tattoo values and a tradition of letting his work speak for itself. With Shamrock’s yearly St. Patrick’s Day Bash taking place tonight at The Roxy Theatre, get to know this pillar of The Sunset Strip a little better…
How long have you been a tattoo artist?
I’ve been tattooing for 32 or 33 years now.  I started full time in 1977. I first started in Boston, then went to New York and came out here in 1980. 
How did you get started tattooing?

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