Need Some Costume Inspiration? Parties At The Rainbow, Hustler Get Everyone In The Holiday Spirit

Halloween, aside from being just another reason to party, play tricks on people, overload your blood stream with candy, honor the dead or celebrate the harvest can be the ideal time to step outside of yourself and party in someone else’s shoes for the night! Dress up as your favorite movie star, your alter ego or a character from your wildest dreams. Halloween is the one day anyone can make their dreams or nightmares a reality.

Both the Rainbow and Hustler had festive costume parties on Wednesday night, with some of the more notable costumes including a ghoul, Maverick from Top Gun and a French maid corpse. Hot costume ideas this also include the ever-popular animal mask and lingerie (i.e. “kittens in bikinis”), celebrity look-a-likes and when in doubt, just add wigs and some fake blood.

What is your costume pick this year?

–Genie Sanchez, www.totallylikeduh.com

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