City launches pedestrian-friendly pilot program on Sunset Boulevard

The City of West Hollywood is testing out ideas on how to make the Sunset Strip a better place to walk! 

You’ll now see seats on the sidewalk under colorful light poles from east to west, a place to sit under umbrellas by Book Soup and four intersections extended with bold strokes of color to make it safer to cross the street. Bright posters on the light poles will point you where to go for food, drink, and entertainment – and tell you a bit of history of the Strip. These installations are only up for 6 months – after that we’ll see how well our experiments worked!

For more information on the Sunset Experience, please visit our website.

Take the Survey

These pop-ups create spaces to welcome pedestrians, invite walking, encourage interaction and draw attention to Sunset as an exciting place for people, not just cars. We want to hear from you during the 6 month period. Please consider filling out this short survey and let us know what you think!