Souly Had

Flipper, with Mondo Generator, Later Years, and Total Massacre

Early 80’s San Franisco Punk Rock!!– FLIPPER, One of history’s most in-your-face outfits, was championed by Biafra. Although not hardcore kids, these SF Punk vets with ex-members of The Offs and Negative Trend made their name playin...



Kaivon, with INZO

Music Business Seminar, Artists, Songwriters, & Producers

Like any other business there are “rules of the road” which one must know to minimize negative results. This is your opportunity to observe and learn and ask questions of leading functionaries in all aspects of the global music business i...

Crucial Star, with slchld and Late Lee

Mayday Parade

The sixth studio album from Tallahassee-based rock band Mayday Parade, Sunnyland gets its title from an abandoned hospital where the band members used to sneak in to explore as teenagers. “The hospital shut down sometime in the mid-’80s but then...

Fu Manchu, with Shiners Club and Warish

Sunset Rollercoaster