Buckle Up: Tony Clifton Has Landed At The Comedy Store

Twenty-eight years after the mysterious disappearance of comic legend Andy Kaufman, his alter ego, “international singing sensation” Tony Clifton, continues to bring inappropriate and uncomfortable laughter to the off-color humor loving masses at The Comedy Store. 
Complete with a full band, marionettes, and a “hooker raffle,” the adults-only variety show is like nothing you’ve ever seen or experienced before, which is probably why it’s been attracting big crowds as word has spread about the over-the-top antics of The Tony Clifton Revue. Between trips to the bar to refresh his drink, and carousing with his clothing optional cohorts, we were able to catch the comic legend, as he “let it all hang out,” expounding on the finer points of living a life of leisure.


This is your second residency at The Comedy Store. What can we expect this time around?
Just like the banner that’s wrapped around The Comedy Store says, “Music, Mayhem & Sexual Anarchy,” with an emphasis on sexual anarchy! I’ve replaced my burlesque dancers with younger, fresher ones… As I always say, “You’re only as old as the person you f*ck!”


How does The Sunset Strip compare to The Las Vegas Strip?
Vegas in the old days with Sinatra had classic showrooms where they used to serve dinner; so did The Sunset Strip. The Comedy Store used to be Ciro’s, one of the great showrooms on the West Coast. The “Tony Clifton Revue” brings back that classy showroom experience. We’ve got a big band, with some of the hottest showgirls in the nation. The Sunset Strip is back because of me, baby!


Does your show have a “dress code?” What’s the proper eveningwear attire for a Tony Clifton performance? 
The only “dress code” I ask for is that the ladies dress in as little as possible. When I look down at the audience from the stage, I want to see a “sea of cleavage.” 

As for the guys, I recommend they wear lose fitting pants. Once they see my Cliftonnettes taking it off, they’re going to need plenty of room to pitch a tent.


Speaking of The Cliftonnettes, where do you find your showgirls? What’s the audition process like?
We periodically hold auditions. The first criterion is, would I want to f*ck her? If she passes that one, the next question is can she dance? I leave that answer up to my choreographer “Maxim.” If she gives me a thumbs up, the final test is can she get along with the rest of the girls and hold her liquor. “Lick her! I hardly know her!” 


As an international singing sensation, is it tough to have a private life? What do you do in your “off time”?
When I’m not performing, I’m at my compound, “Cliftonmere,” high up in the Sierra Madres, hanging out with the Cliftonettes, who live with me. It’s one big happy family (clothing optional).


How does one maintain such a pristine melodious singing voice on a diet of whiskey and cigarettes? What’s your secret?
FPJ -“Fresh Pussy Juice.”  (I dare you to print that one.)


Any suggestions for up-and-coming entertainers that want to follow in your very successful footsteps?  How does one make it to the top?
Just remember it’s called “show business,” not “show art.” 

Yes, the performing skills have to be there — that’s the “show.” But the “business” skills have to be there also. It’s a much more competitive marketplace now a days…  Every asshole wants to be a celebrity. Before, it was 50% show, 50% business. Today it’s 10% show, 90% business. And forget about all that manager and agent bullshit. The only person that’s going to make it happen is yourself.


You fancy yourself as a bit of a ladies’ man. Any good pickup lines?
I’m Tony Clifton. I don’t need any pickup lines.


You can catch Tony Clifton at The Comedy Store Thursday and Friday nights through June 29. Tickets are $20 for this 21-and-older show. Jack Daniel’s is the proud sponsor of Tony Clifton’s shows and will pour free shots for attendees. For more information about Mr. Clifton, visit www.TonyClifton.net. www.thecomedystore.com


Insider’s Weekend Guide

Start your Friday night off right with outdoor cocktails and live music poolside at Live at the Sunset Marquis. The legendary rock and roll hotel is opening its doors to host a summer acoustic series. Tonight’s event features music by Noah Benardout, Wing And Hollow and El Javi Trio ($20). 

After you’ve soaked up the summer air, head over to House of Blues for Dita Von Teese’s “Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!” ($35 GA). Those looking to double-up on their burlesque quota will also want to stop by The Comedy Store for “Paid or Pain?! Burlesque, Stand-Up, Dominatrix.” Part live comedy, part reality TV-inspired game show, “Paid or Pain?!” lets audience members decide whether or not performing comics should be paid for their set or subjected to dominatrix-induced “pain.”


Enjoy some fun in the sun on Saturday, May 12 with the third annual Los Angeles Vegan Beer Fest at The Roxy Theatre. The event will feature 50 craft beers, vegan food trucks, an outdoor stage with performances by Torrey Summer, 28 North, Kevin Martin and The Country. Advance tickets are $50 for GA, $60 for VIP and $25 for non-drinkers. For more information and to buy tickets, visit http://roxy.la/LAVBFtix.

End your Saturday dancing the night away as the Key Club is transformed into Club Bang. Featuring two rooms of dancing, Club Bang features electro, pop, ’80s and indie hits. Doors open at 10:30 p.m. and you can enjoy two-for-one priced drinks from 11 p.m. – midnight.  Need a little nourishment before heading home? Luckily for you Coney Dog LA is just three blocks away and open until 3 a.m. Stop by for some late night hot dogs, salads and burgers.


Treat mom to the ultimate Mother’s Day party this Sunday, May 13. Start the day with brunch at Nonna of Italy (with free mimosas for mom), then make reservations for facials and pedicures at Ole Henriksen before stopping by LIVE! On Sunset for a little retail therapy with sale merchandise priced 50-75% off. End your weekend with laughter at The Comedy Store, and if you bring mom, she gets in free! (Get the full list of Mom Day events.)


Photos: 2011 Los Angeles Vegan Beer Fest.

Celebrating The Luck O’ The Irish Year Round at Rock & Reilly’s

While the countdown to St. Patrick’s Day is in full swing, one pub on The Sunset Strip celebrates the Irish daily: Rock & Reilly’s.

Those who want to start preparing for their day o’ green should stop by this neighborhood spot for lunch or dinner this week and indulge in whiskey flights, pints and pub fare with modern twists, including, Irish cheddar grilled cheese with bread and butter pickles, field salad with farm greens, apples, walnuts, cranberries and brie, ale-battered fish and chips, or a Ploughman’s platter with corned beef, egg, brie, pickles and bread.

After you’ve prepped yourself for the big day of celebrating, return to Rock & Reilly’s on Saturday for their St. Patrick's Day block party, featuring an outdoor beer garden, live entertainment, five bars, Irish pub fare and food trucks. The party kicks off at noon and goes until 10 p.m. and features performances by DJ Adam 12 from She Wants Revenge, Caught A Ghost, The Diamond Light, Moostache and more bands and DJs for only $10. So, grab your “Kiss Me I’m Irish” buttons and get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s with music, pints and good grub!

Rock & Reilly’s is open seven days a week and offers lunch and dinner. www.rnrpub.com

Photos courtesy of Genie Sanchez, www.totallylikeduh.com

Guest Bartender Series at Eveleigh Mixes Up New Cocktails

Hidden behind a lush canopy of plants and trees is Eveleigh, the secret garden of The Sunset Strip. Their front entrance — like a walk through a quaint forest — leads to the comfy, country living inspired front bar and restaurant.  But the real hidden treasure of this gem is the back bar where Eveleigh holds an intimate gathering known as Industry Night every Monday beginning at 7 p.m.,  which includes specialty drinks and a selection of bar bites priced between $3-$8.

Recently, the Eveleigh also added a guest bartender series to the mix, showcasing top rated bartenders who come from near and far to create signature cocktails. Slingin' bottles, fresh fruit and mixers all night with an abundant side of friendly conversation, guest bartender Alex Straus took the stage on Feb. 6 as part of the series. Straus hails from New York and has developed leading “fresh fruit cocktail” programs at TAO Beach and more recently Hemingway's Bar, located in Los Angeles.

At Eveleigh, his menu for the night consisted of a medley of delicious cocktails mixed with ingredients including organic vodka, Japanese plum wine, fresh lime and grapefruit juices, Earl Grey orange syrup and agave. Among all these complex beverages, Straus also kept it simple and offered his own version of a shot of tequila and a beer. Industry Night is a great way to unwind with friends, family and co-workers from having a case of the Mondays and realign your mind and soul with spirits, good food, conversation and good company for the rest of the work week ahead.

Tonight, the guest bartender series continues with Julian Cox. Recently named L.A.’s best mixologist by Angeleno magazine, Cox’s experience includes crafting cocktails at Comme Ca, Sona, Rivera and Short Order. Stop by the back bar and see what he’s mixing up tonight. For more information, visit www.theeveleigh.com

–Genie Sanchez, www.totallylikeduh.com

Get To Know The Comedians & Musicians You’ll Be Ringing In 2012 With

The Sunset Strip roars into 2012 with rapture worthy revelry set to take place at The Comedy Store, The Viper Room, The Roxy Theatre and Rock & Reilly’s. Before committing to your first regrettable midnight make out sesh of the New Year, see how the members of Semi Precious Weapons and Warner Drive as well as Dirt Nasty, Kosha Dillz, Cisco Adler, and your favorite standout stand-up comics plan to usher in Armageddon at the most ragingest parties since Y2K.




Who will you be kissing at midnight?


Dirt Nasty: I’ll be kissing Wiskaz, the girl rapper from Neapolitan.


Jodi Miller (comedian): Probably my cat. Oh wait… he won’t be at The Comedy Store. So

hopefully the drunkest guy there without a girlfriend; then my cat.


Cisco Adler (Shwayze): My sexy wife


Stevy Pyne (Semi Precious Weapons): We hit the stage at The Roxy at that time, so I’ll be kissing my axe in preparation for destruction!


Kosha Dillz: Hopefully the girl I’m talking about in the “Sweatpants Song!”


Elvis James (Warner Drive): Probably one of my band members…whoever is the closest. Kind of a thank you to them, and I kinda always wanted to kiss one of them anyways.


Justin Tranter (SPW): Myself!


Nick Youssef (comedian): The mouth of the champagne bottle I’m holding, then everyone within arm’s reach.




What will be your beverage of choice on NYE?


Jonny Law (Warner Drive): Budweiser! Who needs NYE to treat themselves to the king of beers?!?!


Jodi Miller: I always drink Jack Daniel’s neat… Whether it’s NYE, or a Tuesday.


Cisco Adler: Whiskey at Rock & Reilly’s!


Stevy Pyne (Semi Precious Weapons): Our bass player Cole Whittle is the only one who prepares me the right beverage — a "special drink," which is just whiskey and Diet Coke, but he has the special ratio touch.


Kosha Dillz: West Hollywood’s finest H2O. I’ve been sober for a while. No breaks!


Sam Tripoli (comedian): Five Redbull. It’s the new cocaine!


Nick Youssef: A bottle of cheap champagne provided by The World Famous Comedy



Cole Whittle (Semi Precious Weapons): Me and my fellow Weapons will be drinking “special” drinks — two parts whiskey, one part Veuve, and finished with a splash of Diet Coke from Duke’s West Hollywood.




Any New Year’s resolutions for 2012?


Dirt Nasty: My New Year’s resolution is to not have a resolution!


Jodi Miller: To accomplish the ones I made in 2010 and 2011… Also I want to get

knocked up!


Cisco Adler: Live, love and lighten up.


Stevy Pyne: To never give up on what I started as a kid, which is playing and writing

music. I’ve been saying that every year and it’s still happening.


Sam Tripoli: To have more ethnic friends!


Elvis James: Not really resolutions just goals: keep Warner Drive on the road touring

here in the states, as well as Europe and Japan. Then I want to finish a few of the film projects I have going….. I think I will also stop working behind the counter at Jack in the Box.


Melissa Villasenor (comedian): New Year’s resolutions for 2012: stop flaking on people, get to places on time, work out my muscles, be real hot, read lots of books. All jokes aside…be an all around good person and friend as well as stop the habit of peeing in my pants.


Justin Tranter: To put out all the amazing songs we wrote in 2012.


Cole Whittle: In 2012, I will focus on being more sophisticated and elegant. Also, I have

promised myself one public nap per day, and to drunk BMX around the globe while SPW is

playing future hits!




Will the world really end in 2012? If so, how will it end, and where will you be taking



Dirt Nasty: The only thing that will make the world end in 2012, is if they pick the Kardashian

show up for one more season. If/when that happens, I’ll be taking shelter in Kim Kardashian’s



Jodi Miller: No I don’t think it will end, but if it does it will be because there were too

many TV shows with the Kardashians. God can only take so much!


Stevy Pyne: My own world might end in 2012 — mental collapse. You can find me in our

rehearsal space, which is where I’m crashing most nights now…or Canada sounds nice.


Kosha Dillz: I hope not! I don’t think so… but let’s say it did; I’m thinking dinosaurs with lasers!

They’re still pissed about that meteor that took them out. 2012 is their revenge! I’ll be taking

shelter with my family and my dog, Arnold, in Jersey.


Sam Tripoli: Yes the world will end next year when Tim Tebow gets Justin Bieber

pregnant and they give birth to a giant Stay Puft marshmallow man named Gozer The Detroyer! And I will be taking shelter at the zombie/porn bunker in Chatsworth.


Melissa Villasenor: I’m not sure if the world will end in 2012, if so I just want to make

sure I’m at Disneyland if it ever happens.


Justin Tranter: It better not end! I want 2012 to be my year; and I want at least a few

years to bask in the glow!


Nick Youssef: I hope it only ends for that media whore family, The Kardashians. Is

there anything in the Mayan calendar about them going broke, homeless and/or mopping floors at a McDonald’s for the rest of their shallow lives?


Dan Crean: The world will never end. We will discover other worlds this year, ancient





What’s your most scandalous/embarrassing/crazy/best NYE story?


Dirt Nasty: I never remember them, so I don’t know… I can’t even remember where I was last

year, so it must have been good!


Jonny Law: Las Vegas, hands down! I can’t say much more (because I don’t remember

much more), but I know there were strippers, propositions, VIP rooms, hotel rooms, and lots of Budweiser involved.


Jodi Miller: I always seem to be working on NYE so nothing too crazy! So maybe this

will be the year I completely disgrace myself and my family. Fingers crossed…


Stevy Pyne: Last year, straight off of the Gaga tour, and recovering from almost two

years of touring… [I] fell asleep before midnight watching the Dick Clark NYE countdown with my parents. Woooooo!!!


Kosha Dillz: Best story isn’t mine: My homie made weed cookies for a party, and his mom

came home and smelled them in the oven. She thought they were regular cookies… She had a couple of cookies before my dude stopped her!


Nick Youssef: About four or five years ago, right after the stroke of midnight, I had sex

with a complete stranger in one of the bathrooms at The Comedy Store. The only part I regret

was pretending to laugh when she actually turned to me and said, "Looks like this year started with a bang! Tee hee hee…" Needless to say, I never asked for her number.


Cole Whittle: In 2010, we played with Gaga, saw a punk show in little Haiti, went to

IHOP wasted, and watched dirty movies in a tour bus on a deserted circus lot in Miami. Duh!


Dan Crean: I drove a cab in Boston for a couple years, and had numerous offers of payment via, ummm… physical contact. The meter never gets paid via “hj.” Remember that!





Catch the performers live on New Year’s Eve (just make sure you don’t mention the Kardashians): 


Champagne + Comedy @ The Comedy Store

Ring out 2011 and ring in 2012 with an all star cast of comics, champagne, party favors and free gifts, including two VIP passes worth up to $40! Main Room show is $50 (9 p.m. start), and the Original Room is $40 (10 p.m. start). Ages 21 and older, only. www.thecomedystore.com


Semi Precious Weapons & Warner Drive @ The Roxy Theatre

Local favorites Semi Precious Weapons and Warner Drive battle it out on New Year’s Eve at

The Roxy. Beta Wolf, Benvenue, Open Air Stereo and Life Down Here round out the bill. Tickets are $25 for general admission, $45 for VIP (must be 21 or older to purchase VIP). www.theroxyonsunset.com


Dirty Nasty, Andre Legacy, Beardo, and Kosha Dillz @ The Viper Room

Doors open 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $35. www.viperroom.com


Party hosted by Cisco Adler @ Rock & Reilly’s

An unlimited open bar for $100 per person. Table service available upon request. For

reservations, contact Matt@RandRPub.com www.randrpub.com



Photos: [1] Warner Drive at Duke’s West Hollywood, [2] Semi Precious Weapons’ Justin Tranter and Cole Whittle at Sunset Strip Music Festival 2010, [3] Jodi Miller, [4] Dirt Nasty, [5] Nick Youssef.



–Brent X Mendoza, @brentXmendoza

Your Guide To Ringing In 2012

 The Sunset Strip is hosting a variety of New Year’s Eve events this year from lower key options to once-in-a-lifetime splurges. Grab your friends and ring in 2012 in style (you know, before that whole “end of the world” thing happens).




Family Style Dinner @ Asia de Cuba
Asia de Cuba will serve a “family style” four-course New Year’s Eve dinner. Appetizer choices include Serrano ham and spiced quince, chili crispy onion albacore, or Cuban oxtail tamale, followed by Asia de Cuba’s signature calamari salad and intermezzo of mojito sorbet. Entrée choices include sake and sweet miso marinated filet of salmon and butterfish, char sui boneless beef short ribs  or Asia de Cuba “surf and turf” with chili lime glazed rock lobster tail and grilled filet of beef. End your meal with rum glazed pineapple coconut tapioca. Dinner is $80 per person before 8 p.m., and $100 for seatings after 8 p.m. All dinners include a half bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne for every two guests. For reservations, contact mondrianasiadecubare@morganshotelgroup.com.


Pre-Fixe Dinner + DJ @ BOA Steakhouse
BOA will host a pre-fixe menu with live entertainment provided by a DJ. First seating available at 6:30/7:00 p.m. for $95 per person and second seating available at 9:00/9:30 p.m. for $165 per person. www.boasteakhouse.com


New Year’s Eve @ Cabo Cantina
Start the night off right by taking advantage of a complimentary champagne toast at midnight and the best happy hour on The Strip! All drinks are two-for-one prices from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. and again from 10 p.m. – midnight. We will be open normal business hours, from noon – 1:30 a.m. www.thecabocantina.com


Dinner + Foundation Room Access @ Crossroads Restaurant
Enjoy a four-course dinner at Crossroads Restaurant at House of Blues, Foundation Room access with live entertainment, champagne toast at midnight for $150 per person. www.hob.com


Dinner + Live Jazz @ Eveleigh
Eveleigh will host two three-course dinner seatings with champagne toasts. The first is from 5-7:15 p.m. ($75 per person), and the second starts at 9:30 p.m. ($95 per person). Second seating also includes access to the NYE Soiree with live music from a brass jazz quintet starting at 9:30 p.m. If you are heading out later, join us for drinks and dancing. Call to hear about special New Year’s drink packages or to reserve a table, 424-239-1630. www.theeveleigh.com


Three-Course Dinner + Live Entertainment @ Foundation Room
Enjoy a three-course dinner and champagne toast at midnight. Live entertainment will be provided until 10 p.m. followed by a DJ from 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. Price for members is $75 per person and $105 per person with wine pairing. For questions or reservations, call the box office at 323-848-5100. www.hob.com


Three Different Ways To Ring In 2012 @ The London West Hollywood
The holiday celebration continues on New Year’s Eve with three different ways to ring in 2012.  From 5-8pm guests may enjoy a three-course meal from Gordon Ramsay, with menu selections including Maine Lobster Gratinée, Roasted Colorado Lamb Loin and Chocolate Hazelnut, as they enjoy a performance by Gill Crooner.  ($95 per person.)

For those who choose to spend the evening enjoying a later dinner and celebrating at the hotel, Gordon Ramsay will offer a five-course menu boasting delicacies such as grilled Kingfish sashimi, prime beef wellington and an asseitte of Pastry. The night will top off with a midnight champagne toast and tunes spun by DJ Chris Carter. ($145 per person.)

Finally, for the ultimate in New Year’s Eve celebrating, let The London host a night to remember with a Gordon Ramsay dinner party for up to 12 of your closest friends. Guests will enjoy an eight-course dinner, paired with the best in bubbly, as well as a midnight toast with a magnum of Dom Perignon Rose ’85.  As the night winds down, guests will retreat to one of their six luxurious guest suites for the ideal holiday sleep-over.  The party continues New Year’s Day with breakfast at Boxwood Cafe Breakfast Table and a day of fun in the sun in a rooftop poolside cabana.  (Package is $20,000 for 12.) www.thelondonwesthollywood.com


Dinner + Frank Sinatra Tribute @ Nonna of Italy
Nonna of Italy will host a four-course dinner. The dinner will also feature a live performance paying tribute to legendary crooner and former Sunset Strip staple Frank Sinatra. Seatings are available after 8 p.m., and the live music begins at 9:30 p.m. Dinner is $125 per person, plus tax and gratuity. www.nonnaofitaly.com


NYE Dinner @ Rosa Mexicano
A special New Year’s Eve a la carte menu will be available as well as premium holiday cocktails and DJs. For more information and to make reservations, visit www.rosamexicano.com




“Shaken Not Stirred” Party @ Skybar

“Shaken Not Stirred” James Bond-themed New Year’s Eve party featuring special guest DJs. Admission includes champagne toast at midnight and open bar. 8 p.m. – 2 a.m. Ages 21 and older, only. Tickets are $150 until Dec. 15. After Dec. 15 price will be $175 (remains $150 for hotel guests and Asia de Cuba guests). For more information and reservations


Roaring ’20s Cocktail Party @ Eveleigh
Tickets are $50 in advance and include access to jazz quintet The Uptown Five and NYE festivities starting at 9:30 p.m. Open bar with ’20s inspired crafted cocktails from 10-11 p.m. Reservations: 424-239-1630.


Champagne + Comedy @ The Comedy Store
Ring out 2011 and ring in 2012 with an all star cast of comics, champagne, party favors and free gifts, including two VIP passes worth up to $40! Main Room show is $50 (9 p.m. start), and the Original Room is $40 (10 p.m. start). Ages 21 and older, only. Tickets and additional information.


Jenny and Johnny + Cults @ The Standard, Hollywood
Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show begins at 9:30 p.m. Tickets range from $75-$125. This event is ages 21 and older, only. Purchase tickets.


Semi Precious Weapons & Warner Drive @ The Roxy Theatre
Local favorites Semi Precious Weapons and Warner Drive battle it out on New Year’s Eve at The Roxy. Beta Wolf, Benvenue, Open Air Stereo and Life Down Here round out the bill. Tickets are $25 for general admission, $45 for VIP (must be 21 or older to purchase VIP). www.theroxyonsunset.com


Dirty Nasty, Andre Legacy & Beardo @ The Viper Room
Doors open 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $35.  Purchase tickets. www.viperroom.com


Musiq Soulchild @ House of Blues Sunset Strip
In addition to general admission tickets, special NYE packages are also available. Purchase a music hall table package (four tickets, one bottle, Foundation Room access and a champagne toast at midnight) for $750, a rails/balcony package (six tickets, four-course dinner, open bar, Foundation Room access and a bottle of champagne for the table at midnight) for $1,500, or an open bar package (access to the balcony with open bar) for $150 per person. General admission tickets are $67.50 in advance and $72.50 day of show. For questions or reservations, call the box office at 323-848-5100. www.hob.com


DJ Quik @ Key Club
Legendary DJ Quik headlines with Toni Monroe opening. Tickets are $40-$75. Full details and to purchase tickets, www.keyclub.com.


LA Guns featuring Dilana @ Whisky A Go-Go
Miserable End, LA Scuffle, Heavyness, Rebelmann and Advocators of Fun are also on the bill. Tickets are $20, doors open at 7 p.m. www.whiskyagogo.com  


Party hosted by Cisco Adler @ Rock & Reilly’s
An unlimited open bar for $100 per person. Table service available upon request. For reservations, contact Matt@RandRPub.com www.randrpub.com


Need Some Costume Inspiration? Parties At The Rainbow, Hustler Get Everyone In The Holiday Spirit

Halloween, aside from being just another reason to party, play tricks on people, overload your blood stream with candy, honor the dead or celebrate the harvest can be the ideal time to step outside of yourself and party in someone else’s shoes for the night! Dress up as your favorite movie star, your alter ego or a character from your wildest dreams. Halloween is the one day anyone can make their dreams or nightmares a reality.

Both the Rainbow and Hustler had festive costume parties on Wednesday night, with some of the more notable costumes including a ghoul, Maverick from Top Gun and a French maid corpse. Hot costume ideas this also include the ever-popular animal mask and lingerie (i.e. “kittens in bikinis”), celebrity look-a-likes and when in doubt, just add wigs and some fake blood.

What is your costume pick this year?

–Genie Sanchez, www.totallylikeduh.com

Music, Masks, Mayhem: Black Star Beer’s Dia de los Muertos Strip Crawl

Revelers donned in calavera attire headed to The Sunset Strip on Saturday to celebrate a Day of the Dead themed Strip Crawl. Like previous “Tweet Crawls” on the boulevard, the event was hosted by Sunset Strip businesses and featured games, prizes, drink specials and free entrance and entertainment at participating venues.

The blustery autumn evening kicked off at The Comedy Store with the “adult content” comic stylings of Sam Tripoli and free Dia de los Muertos face painting. (Images 1-8) After sharing some laughs and enjoying Black Star beer, the Strip Crawl procession, led by a trio of mariachis and The Comedy Store’s skeleton mascot, made their way westward on The Sunset Strip – maracas and mini accordions in hand – to enjoy delicious pub fare at Red Rock, delectable Mexican cuisine at Isla, tarot card readings and additional mariachi entertainment. (Images 9-13)

Crawlers had plenty of time to practice their recently acquired instruments at this layover stop, and enjoyed scaring fellow revelers with creepy dime store ghoul masks. (Images 14-21) The crawl also picked up a few extra amigos at Isla and Red Rock before storming the notorious Viper Room, taking over the dance floor (with their skeleton pal) and jamming to the sounds of electro-dance outfit Bella Tech. (Images 22-27)

Moving on…the next stop was the newly opened Morrison Room (rumored to be Jim Morrison’s old apartment) above Duke’s West Hollywood. Here, Strip Crawlers received VIP treatment courtesy of Black Star beer. The revelers posed for pics along the rock star mug shots wall, and staying consistent with the night’s theme, broke into a Frankenstein piñata, which ended in a frenzied dog pile for the tasty treats inside. (Images 28-43)

As the fog rolled in, crawlers arrived at the evening’s final destination, The Roxy Theatre’s VIP lounge On The Rox. And the best part of the night was saved for last, as crawlers were treated to a late night performance by “the world’s first and only heavy metal mariachi band” Metalachi, and midnight snacks from The Strip’s favorite Detroit transplant Coney Dog. (Images 44-53) Revelers also enjoyed capturing memories in an eclectic photo booth housed inside Black Star beer’s vintage Airstream trailer before ending their night.

Photos courtesy of Genie Sanchez, www.totallylikeduh.com.


Dia de los Muertos-Themed Strip Crawl This Saturday!

While Halloween may be two weeks away, The Sunset Strip’s businesses are partnering to present a very spirited pre-party this Saturday, Oct. 22, as they host a Dia de los Muertos-themed Strip Crawl.

Similar to Tweet Crawls, the event will provide participants walking the boulevard with free entrance to participating establishments to enjoy food and drink specials, live entertainment and prizes announced along the "crawl" via Twitter accounts. With additional themed activities, activations and interactive experiences, this Strip Crawl is set to take the event to the next level.

In addition to free entrance to participating venues, the Strip Crawl will include Dia de los Muertos-style face painting, mariachis, Day of the Dead-influenced pumpkin painting, Black Star “tattoo” station, a photo booth inside Black Star Beer’s vintage Airstream trailer, palm reader, DJs, live music and a Day of the Dead altar. The event is free and open to those ages 21 and older.

“This unique collaboration between The Sunset Strip businesses allows us to provide an incredibly specialized bar crawl featuring the world class restaurants and venues of The Sunset Strip, while also celebrating the cultural heritage of Southern California,” stated Alf LaMont, a Strip Crawl organizer and VP of Marketing for The Comedy Store. “Don’t be surprised to see Calavera skeletons and mariachi bands strolling down Sunset that night.”

Here is the schedule for the Day of the Dead Strip Crawl (#StripCrawl):

7:00 p.m.: The Comedy Store (@TheComedyStore)
The Comedy Store will host performances by two comics, Day of the Dead face painting and mariachis. www.thecomedystore.com

8:15 p.m.: Stop 2
Black Star “tattoo” station, Dia de los Muertos-style pumpkin painting, Black Star Beer and music.

9:15 p.m.: Double stop: Red Rock (@redrocksunset) / Isla (@IslaHollywood)
Crawlers can visit Red Rock and Isla at this double stop, while refueling with food and drink specials at both. Red Rock will also feature a palm reader while Isla will host tarot cards and Black Star Beer bucket specials. www.redrocksunset.com / www.islacantina.com

10:15 p.m.: Viper Room (@theVIPERroom) 
Strip Crawlers will enjoy live music, drink specials and free entrance. www.viperroom.com

11 p.m.: Duke’s Morrison Room (@DukesWeHo)

The Strip’s hidden, private event space will open its doors to Crawlers and host a DJ. Participants will also get to try their hand at a piñata. www.dukeswesthollywood.com

11:45 p.m.: On The Rox (@TheRoxy)
Crawlers will receive free entrance to On The Rox to attend a performance by metal marachi band Metalachi at midnight! On The Rox will also host a Day of the Dead altar, drink specials and complimentary LA street hotdogs from Coney Dog (@ConeyDogLA). www.theroxyonsunset.com / www.coneydogLA.com

For more information, and to RSVP, please visit the Day of the Dead Strip Crawl Facebook event page

Attendees are reminded to drink responsibly, and don’t drink and drive. Please designate a driver or plan to utilize public transportation or a taxi service.


Cinco de Mayo Guide

Maybe it’s the unseasonably warm weather, but this year’s Cinco de Mayo feels extra special. Margaritas, patio drinking, metal mariachis. Sign us up!

Cinco de Awesome
The Comedy Store brings the party to “el patio” this Thursday with $2 empanadas, $3 Corona Lights, $4 shots of Cazadores tequila and $5 Cazadores margaritas. The party begins at 6 p.m. www.thecomedystore.com


Metalachi is the world’s first and only heavy metal mariachi band! These guys crank out everyone’s favorite metal jams from “Crazy Train” to “Breaking the Law” in full blown Mariachi style. Also on the bill: Deathquad Demongods, The Young Rapscallions, Ratasan and Vas Defrans. The night also features drink specials from 901 Tequila and The Flying Pig food truck will be on hand to serve up carne asada, spicy pork and smoked chicken tacos in the lot. Tickets are $10. www.theroxyonsunset.com 


The Den
The Den is serving up $5 margaritas, $4 Coronas, cheese enchiladas, chicken with salsa verde and nachos as well as chips, salsa and guacamole. We may not be a Mexican Restaurant, but it will sure feel like one on Thursday! Bring your sombrero and head on over. The Den’s regular menu will also be available as well as happy hour. www.thedenofhollywood.com


Isla Cantina
Isla has teamed with Victoria Beer, Herradura and Paqui Tequilas to offer drink specials and giveaways throughout the night. Plus, two-for-one priced happy hour from 4-7 p.m. www.islacantina.com


Cabo Cantina
Every day is a fiesta at Cabo. Enjoy two-for-one priced margaritas and drinks from 4-8 p.m. and 99-cent Coronitas all day, while they last. www.thecabocantina.com


Cat Club
Serving up $4 margaritas and $3 tequilla shots all night. www.facebook.com/thecatclub


7 Bands for 5 de Mayo
Seven bands take over the Whisky for Cinco de Mayo. Pancho Villa, Indignenta, Solid Mente, Fe Red, Mismo Cielo, Solaz and Luis Enrique & The Hypnosis. Doors to this all ages show open at 7 p.m. For more information, visit www.whiskyagogo.com


Want to grab a margarita? Check out the full listing of where you can find the shaken, on the rocks, salt, no salt classic on The Sunset Strip.


–Image courtesy of The Comedy Store